GoTow Smart Towing Management Solution

A Unified Solution for your Towing Business, GoTow is Localized and Designed to match all aspects of Malaysian Towing Business.

GoTow by Empinet Solutions aims to advance your Towing Business by transforming complicated communication and paperwork into paperless digital world.

What Does it do?

GoTow Software provides necessary features to manage towing business and streamlines user experiences for clients, drivers, dispatchers and fleet owners. Our Software Optimizes your towing business and allow you to manage large number of vehicles efficiently and accurately.

GoTow serves a comprehensive system to encourage paperless administration, advanced financing features and effective business management for all your Towing Business needs. This software allows you to manage your business 24/7 from the cloud.

With GoTow management solution, you will be able to completely control all aspects of your towing business from anywhere and any device.


Our feature rich Smart Towing Management covers all the Aspect of Malaysian Towing business.


Every single role in your Business flow will consume a Single solution.

Advanced Pricing Engine

Fully Configurable Pricing Engine System that allows creation of Pricing Models & Agreements for individual customers

Smartphone Companion App

Connect to your Agents and keep yourself & customers updated of the job status

Billing Component

Complete Invoicing Solution, Professional Invoicing Component With Auto Pricing Feature

Customer Management

Create Customer Profiles & Configure their Pricing Model and Charging Rules

Analytics & Reports

Generate Detailed report on your Staff, Agent and Income Performance with a Single Click

Asset Management

Manage your Trucks & Vehicles all in a single place

Addon Services

Configurable Additional Services to Maximize Value & Range of your Services

Battery Products

Complete Battery management system, Configure & Sell Batteries

Alert System

Trigger alerts in Dashboard when Anomalies found in a job

Clients Portal

Enable your Clients to manage their Invoices & Jobs using our Self-service Client Area System

Cloud Solution

Monitor & Manage your business anywhere at any given time.

Tax Configurations

Configure and Enroll Tax Rules to Invoices.

Fleet Tracking

Live Track Agent on the Map for Clients & Admin

Update Job Status

Update Arrival Time & Completion Time of Job using Agent Companion App.

Do More with less

GoTow allows you to unleash full potential of your Employees & Resources. GoTow Provides a compact solution that helps your employees to do their routine job faster & more efficient. This leads to achieve better performance while saving your bucks.

This software provides a Single Database that hold every bit of your operation infomration allows you to access any document, invoice and job information & historical data within seconds.

Using GoTow will assist your towing business to have the very first step on going paperless and saving the environment. Affordable paperless administration not only reduce paper and ink waste, but also increase overall productivity of your business. Towing management software is designed for quicker storing, indexing and retrieving documents electronically on the gadget screens.

Artificial Intelligence

With GoTow, we bring Artificial Intelligence Technology to your business management. This software uses Artificial Intelligence to constantly look for anomalies or error which may occur to active orders.

The operators will be notified immediately if any anomaly arise throughout the service period. Incidents such as delay of arrival time, inaccurate location provided, or prolonged duration of job completion will be captured and feedback to operating officers instantly.

GoTow enables you to use this information to identify performance and productivity of your employees and your business. As you constantly monitoring and improving your employees’ performance, it also helps to improve your service quality and thus better users experience. Using GoTow enables you to be the best among your competitors.

High Investment Return

GoTow is developed for optimal productivity. The simple interface, management cloud system and companion apps are to provide a comprehensive towing business management.

Transforming your business with GoTow is not only about enhancing the experience, we are to improve efficiency.

Based on our proven analytics, moving to GoTow which costs less than a single employee monthly wedge, can increase your current productivity by at least 60%. This means you will be able to handle 60% more jobs & tasks, thus higher income with just your existing team.

This brings us to the conclusion that GoTow will return your investment in less than 12 months.

Built For Multitenancy

GoTow is designed and built to streamline all your departments process flow. It provides a collaboration platform which creates a connection between every process and enquiry in a single system.

The information and communication involve all departments which range from your Customer Service Officers, your Technicians & Agents, Admin & Finance Department and most importantly, your customers. Using only GoTow system, all the complexion can be accommodated.

This management solution enhances your towing business job flow and job completion. Not only within the business administration, we also provide a self-service client area portal which is a platform for your valuable customer to track their requests and to manage their billing enquiries.

Companion App

GoTow Companion App creates a bridge for your office to connect to your Agents & Drivers on the field.

Realtime notifications will allows your agents to quickly receive job request informations and get back to your home-office. You will be easily able to re-assign jobs to another agent if necessary.

Realtime tracking features can help you in providing quality services to your customers, Home Office and the customer will be able to track the job and agent on the Map using Live GPS Trackers.

The companion app also allows the agent to capture and send Digital Proof of vehicle status to the back-office in a real time manner.

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